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Farmfest 2019

Farmfest 2019

FarmFest is Queensland’s premier primary industry field days showcasing 2,500 plus companies and attracting over 60,000 visitors from across the nation and overseas.

More than 2,500 individual companies and organisations will come to together at the 2019 event to exhibit everything from Penta Mixer Wagons to ATVs.

  • Held Tuesday to Thursday 4th to 6th June 2019
  • 11465 Warrego Hwy Kingsthorpe Qld

Tony, Leigh & Aussie will be there showcasing a massive range of the incomparable Penta Mixer Wagons, Penta Compost Spreaders & Penta Dump Trailers.

WE will also be showing associated feeding equipment like the fabulous Baleup Hayfeeders and Flexifeeder troughs.

Great options also on display for sheep and lamb feeding.

We will also be featuring the locally manufactured McCormack Industries products and heaps more.

Come on in and ask how we can help find you a feeding solution in these tough times.

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