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Orkel round balers are developed and manufactured in Norway. The balers are constructed for the roughest and most demanding conditions in baling. A number of baler properties provide important advantages. More forage -in less bales, is increasing the forage quality and reducing wrapping cost. Bushings on rollers have 5 years warranty.

Guarantee on bushings, 50.000 bales, up to 5 years.

Automatic greasing of bearings and chains -standard. A 12 volt electrical greasing pump is greasing the bushings. Chains are automatically greased by oil from a separate pump each time the chamber is opened.

Efficient pick-up and chopping device. 20 knives are made of Chrome-vanadium steel. Infeeders are 10 mm heavy duty Hard ox wearing metal. Knives are spring tensioned and lower automatically when overloaded. Pick-up has a big diameter and 5 bars of tines, which optimizes capacity. Guide way for bars in pick-up is greasable. Compacting roller and slip-clutch of pick-up drive is standard.

Net tying system Net tying may be started manually or automatically. Orkel balers are fit for net rollers of width up to 130 cm and a roll diameter of 30 cm. You may use netting going over the edge of the bale, if needed. There is space for a backup roll of 3600 m in the net box, easy to access.

Orkel GP 1260 Round Baler

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