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Standard Specs:

  • 23 cu/metre Capacity (900 cu/ft) With Hay Extension
  • 19mm Thick Steel Floor (3/4")
  • 9.5mm Thick Steel Walls (3/8")
  • 19.5mm Patented Hurricane Augers (3/4")
  • Stainless Steel Flip Up Discharge Conveyor
  • Right Hand Feed Out From Front Door
  • Conveyor Magnet
  • 435 / 19.5 / 50R Super Singles
  • Spring Suspension Tandem Axle
  • 1:3 Regular 2 Speed Gearbox With 5 Year Warranty
  • 2 Speed Shifter Cable
  • Constant Velocity PTO
  • Heavy Duty Viewing Platform
  • 4 Super Aggressive Knives, 6 Triangle Knives & 12 Curved Knives - All Tungsten Carbide Tipped
  • Rear Hydraulic Commodity Door
  • 23cm Hay Extension
  • EZ2810 Digistar Indicator Scales
  • 40cm Hay Extension (optional)
  • Many other options available



The largest challenge facing a TMR mixer is the ability to process forages with a variety of supplements such as salts and fine minerals. This process can prove to be time consuming and costly. Our patented Hurricane Auger has been designed to produce better mixes by allowing forages to circulate faster through the mix, resulting in quicker processing and mixing times.

Penta Hurricane Augers are equipped with patented cut outs that allow material to drop through the auger. The falling action complements the regular motion of the ingredients being rotated throughout the tub. This combination of mixing actions has proven effective in producing more consistent mix.




One look at our Hurricane augers and you will see their strength and power. Critical to our auger design is durability. With high-intensity forces encountered in the initial stages of cutting, the metal blades of the auger are subjected to severe pressure as the turning motion begins and the feed ingredients are pushed upwards. From the 3/4" steel that is cold pressed into shape for our flighting, to the massive 3/8" thick tube, the flighting is expertly welded. Developed over years of testing and design, you can clearly see this is our best, most rugged and reliable auger yet.

The angle and diameter of the flighting are designed to work with the tub for the best mixing and processing of your ration. The pyramid shape of the Hurricane Auger reduces pressure on the system's moving parts, dispersing the forces through the body of the auger and prolonging the life of the blades. Our unique design ensures maximum blade contact with fibrous raw materials to make the cutting process rapid and complete. The high-wear stainless steel lead edge on the sweep has virtually no gap at the floor, dramatically reducing horsepower and providing excellent clean out. The bolt-on stainless steel plow blade keeps material from building up on the sides and turns material for even more mixing action.





Optional conveyors are configured to match the needs of your individual operations with a choice of either a Flip-up or Dual configuration. Built for long life and dependability, each system is equipped with C188 chain, the heaviest cast chain in the industry. This chain is driven using a very powerful North American made hydraulic motor.

Flip-up conveyors are configured for either left or right hand delivery, allowing you to reach up and out to get the feed into bunks. Our standard conveyor includes a stainless steel pan and rails. we offer many available options to customize these conveyor systems to feed into a variety of bulks and feed alleys.


FrameOur frames are made of 1/2" and 3/4" North American steel, not hollow tubes. This is a design borrowed from the industrial/construction industry. This provides not only extreme ruggedness to our platform, but also cuts down on the profile of the frame and helps with our clean, compact design. This design will also eliminate any condensation build up and allows a greater flexibility to add component options.



Planetary Drives


Our drives will process any type of feed, from hay to silage to corn and soybeans stalks. Your PTO power is transferred to the drives through a two speed gear box for optimal mixing and a faster, more complete clean out. Our single auger mixers use the corner planetary gear box to drive the auger, backed by our standard 3 year warranty. Our Twin and triple auger mixers use our heavy duty planetary gear box designed and built to our specifications and backed by a 5 year warranty.

The North American engineered gera box is able to be used in most mixer models. this box allows flexibility to run 1000 RPM or 540 RPM. The key is to reduce the heat buildup in the mixing process. The 2 part design allows heat to dissipate in the lower box before transferring to the planetary.







FrameOur straight-walled tub is designed to reduce the compaction of your feed and will minimize over-processing by allowing more room for the material to aerate. The floor of the tub is subjected to high abrasion and heavy impacts. To ensure our mixers will endure long hours of extreme use, the floor is constructed out of a solid piece of 3/4" 44w high wear, acid resistant steel. The angled curve of the tub and baffles are designed to work with our augers for the best mix possible and provide an easy clean out. the tub ends are rolled formed and the robot welded for a smooth, consistent curve that resists material build up and has an incredibly strong bond to both sides. All the tubs can be manufactured with a stainless steel liner that will give on average 10 years of life to mixers that operate in very wet feed conditions. Liners are installed 30" high to ensure maximum protection.


Penta 8030HD TMR Mixer Wagon

  • Product Code: Penta 8030HD TMR Mixer Wagon
  • Availability: Pre-Order

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