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Herculano HDPA Hardox® Dump Trailer
The Herculano Titan HDPA Hardox® trailer relishes the kind of jobs that destroy other trailers. Long days on haul roads, river
metal extraction jobs, oversize boulder cartage, and demolition rubble. The stress and point loading of these
harsh materials dropping into the bin, is what over time bends and fatigues typical ag trailers and shortens their
operating life. From the shape of the bin and width of the chassis, to the stability of the external double-acting lift
cylinders, this trailer takes it design cues from articulated dump trucks. The only difference is contractors utilize
their tractor as the power source and get a greater return on investment for both machines!

Double acting cylinders allow safer lowering of trailer than displacement cylinder when on uneven tipping sites, and the
high ‘up and over’ tailgate and beaver tail rear apron gives good clearance of large boulders and leaves a tidy stockpile.
The HDPA is one of the few trailers that can be used without the rear tailgate if required. The strength in the bin shape and
full buttress around the top, means the tailgate is not required as part of the bin structural integrity. This feature expands
the range of uses to large awkward items e.g. boulders, stumps and even loads of logs!
Key features & benefits

- Body constructed fully from 6mm Hardox® for maximum
resistance to impact and abrasion (3 x more strength and
elasticity than S355 high tensile plate*).

- Tapered body design gives structural strength and
impact resistance when carting large rocks, preventing
distortion, cracking or buckling of bin.

- Heavy duty bogey suspension and axles to handle 25 ton
payload off road.

- Double acting lift cylinders, mounted externally, give more
stability and less loading on cylinders during tipping than
underbody hoist design.

- 1200mm wide chassis (widest on market) is same width
as bottom of bin, very strong design and support of bin
with heavy payload.

- Low loading height, easy to load with wheeled loader, or
F.E.L, and means material can be heaped well above sides.

- Massive multi-leaf spring pack suspending the drawbar,
gives large range of drawbar travel and cannot bottom
out like coil or cross leaf design. Protects operator from

- Body design allows use without rear tailgate, excellent for
large rubble, stumps, trees etc.

- Hydraulic parking stand (folds up under drawbar for

Herculano HDPA 2500 Dump Box

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