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The Mobile FlexiFeeder Skid Trough is a complete kit-set package. At 1 metre wide and 10 metres long it is conveniently on skids and can be moved from paddock to paddock or around a paddock. The Skid trough is another innovative product alongside other FlexiFeeders and the Outrigger from the Agbits innovation company.

The Mobile FlexiFeeder Skid Trough is easy to set up and portable (when empty), simply hook onto the back of the tractor or four wheeler and move to the next location. It comes in 10 meter lengths in two compartments allowing for varied feeding.

Choose two dry feed options or use it as a water trough/feed trough, the options are endless. With galvanised braces and ‘hot posts' and 6mm Polyethelene plastic it is a strong, durable trough, stand alone and provides unrestricted access to all animals.

Mobile FlexiFeeder Skid

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