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Wide spreading capability with reliable high output, Jeantil EPAN 5 Manure Spreaders delivers the results you need with accuracy and control.

Engineered to German Certification Institute standards, EPAN 5 Jeantil Manure Spreaders parabolic smooth body ensure less resistance for rapid application.

Versatile multipurpose device to spread a variety of products including diverse animal manures and compost

  • Easily adjusted fingers according to product being spread
  • Precision DLG certified spreading technology with automatic spreading regulation
  • Accuracy of 16% variation coefficient in cattle manure at 30 tonnes/ha and actual width at 13m
  • Broad spreading width from 6 to 16metres to suit your requirements
  • Finer and wider spreading capability with beater rotation speed of 470rpm
  • Developed with two screw beaters at 800mm diameter and two large 840mm discs design
  • Available in 4 beater length to suit capacity and product

Integrated with multiple safety features for operator security

  • Shear bold and cam close gearbox for complete safety
  • Innovative balanced beater prevents vibration and gearbox wear
  • Active safety feature on vertical drop door
  • Incorporated with flat and paddle fingers
  • Reliable and hard wearing design with Hardox fingers and spreading device securely welded to body
  • Available with optional Hardox screw beater and edge flaps for both or either side

High performance Jeantil EPAN 5 Manure Spreaders optimise costs with centralised greasing, reduced maintenance commitments and powerful work rates. 

* Epan 5 yes
* 2 Beaters ø 800, 2.00m (+1m3) yes
* Capacity 12.92m3
* Field Load 12T
* Empty Weight 4.820T
* Slurry Gate yes
* Mechanical Stand yes
* Electric Controls hydr. Floor & door yes
* Wide Angle Transmission yes
* Wheels 24.5 X 32 all 347 10T N70 yes
* 2 Chains ø16 yes
* 1000rpm PTO to beaters yes

Jeantil Epan 5 EVR 14-12

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