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Kliptank™ Molasses Tanks

Kliptanks have been used to successfully bulk store molasses – these tanks are being used to store from the ship until it is distributed and have been fitted with specially designed outlets in the centre of the floor to allow the contents of the tank to the fully drained when required.

Why a Kliptank for Molasses Storage?

Kliptanks are quicker to install onsite (3-6 days)

Kliptanks are aesthetically attractive.

Kliptanks can be sited anywhere provided a flat platform can be established.

Kliptank sites require minimal earthworks, no concrete pads, no shifting of underground pipes/cables, no heavy machinery.

Kliptank inlets/outlets can be located where required including central floor fittings or wall fittings.

Kliptank Engineering/design completed and paid for by Kliptank Ltd.

Kliptank Molasses Tanks

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