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If you want to stretch your hay dollar further you have come to the right place, after seeing similar designs made in the US, we have refined and developed the Bale Up Hayfeeder into what it is today, we believe in truth in advertising no good telling you we are "australian farmer designed and manufactured" when you can see similar products made long ago in the USA and you flat pack from china and "manufacture" in Australia.

What advantages are there over other hay feeding systems?

*unlike round bale rings and loop type square bale feeders the hay is kept off the ground, high and dry, (hence "Bale Up") cattle are not picking up contaminants and micro organisms from the ground below. Also the hay is not acting as a sponge soaking up surface moisture and spoiling the hay.

*cattle put their heads into the feeder and tend to keep them in, as they chew, the hay and any grain in it that drops, falls onto a curved corrugated zincalume floor, this floor is about 200mm or 8 inches above ground level and raises up 300mm in the centre. this makes it easier for the cattle to reach feed in the centre and allows the hay to drain if it is rained on, cattle will either eat the hay straight from the cradle or off the floor. This cuts losses down to around 5%, check these feeders out after 3 months in the same spot, without all the dropped hay around them the ground is not pugged up and the area is much cleaner.

*capacity, our feeders are 3.3 metres long or close to 11 feet and 2.45 metres wide (8 feet),(6 feet wide in the calf version), this means your can easily fit in an 8x4x4 square bale with very minimal spillage, our feeders do not taper to the bottom,  cutting wastage from feed falling around the edges, you dont need to fit deflectors that others have as the hay is well away from the sides and ends of the feeders, these feeders will also accommodate 2 round bales easily. 

*these feeders are solid, all gal construction, (50x50x2 mainframe, 50x50x3 skids, 100x50x3 bearers, 40x40 head dividers and 150x50x2 top rail on the large cattle model) and without hungry boards to break off can be tipped arse over to be cleaned out, they are easily moved with bale forks (always carry them empty though), we have built these feeders to be an asset not a consumable, everyone has mangled hay rings and busted up loop type feeders, this feeder has long life designed into it.

*each feeder has the capacity to ad lib feed over 50 head of cattle, if you want to lot feed cattle this is the way to do it, now available as a 4 metre long feed pad model that comes as end and middle units, make a bale up feedpad from 8 metres long and just add more centre units as needed, 

*pays for itself, wasted feed costs money, other feeders can waste up to 30% of your expensive fodder, the savings soon recoup the cost.

*made in Australia, not flatpacked from china and then "made in Australia"

Bale Up Hayfeeder

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