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  • Penta/Hagedorn Vertical Spreader V8610

The Penta (Hagedorn) line of manure spreaders allow you to make the best use of your organic nutrient resources.

The Penta spreader processes the manure finer and delivers the best spread pattern.

This lets your field make the best use of this rich resource.

  • World renowned Push-Gate type Hagedorn Spreader presented in Australia in Penta livery
  • Capacity struck level - 16.8 cubic metres (594 cubic feet)
  • Capacity heaped - 26 cubic metres (921 cubic feet)
  • Super wide spread of 9.1 to 18.2 mettres (30 to 60 feet)
  • Hydra-Spread hydraulic control system including sequenced flow control to prevent overload damage
  • Super heavy duty BERMA beaters for the best spread 
  • Protection from sudden stoppage with over-running clutch
  • BERMA gearboxes
  • Ductile iron pillow block bearing housings
  • Heavy duty frame featuring close spaced frame blocks
  • Flotation tyres to minimise soil compaction

Flow Control

Penta manure spreaders use a custom designed flow control valve for precise control of unloading and application. Engineered and manufactured exclusively for Penta, the valve works well with all types of hydraulic systems and includes an internal bypass for quick return regardless of unloading speed.

All 5000 series and 8000 series V Series are standard-equipped with a sequencing valve. This feature is integrated into the flow-control valve and prevents the push-gate from engaging before the end-gate is raised, preventing accidental damage due to a collision.

Vertical Beaters

To ensure optimum performance, Penta engineers worked with BERMA engineers to "beef up" their basic beater designs to better suit harsh conditions.

Paddle configurations are a combination of blades to slice through tough materials and cups to fling finer materials and semi-solids. Even corn and bean stalks are shredded to an indistinguishable fineness. Beaters can be customized with any combination of cups and knives. For even more durability in high-usage applications or abrasive materials we offer forged and hardened components.

Better processing and distribution means better feed for your fields.

Closely-spaced spirals and over-lapping beater tips mean more contact with the manure for finer processing and better distribution. Unlike apron-type spreaders, which have a dead spot for apron clearance, spirals on a Penta spreader go all the way to the bottom of the beater. An impeller, at the bottom of each beater, further ensures good distribution of fine materials and semi-solids.

Over-running Clutch

Heavy beaters rotating at high speed pack a lot of inertia and can cause a lot of damage if brought to a sudden stop. To protect your tractor and the drivetrain of your spreader Penta has equipped every V Series with an over-running clutch which allows the beaters to coast to a stop without undue stress.

Frame Construction

The frame is the heart and backbone of a manure spreader. Penta frames combine structural tubes, formed sections and structural channels to achieve great strength and maintain the flexibility that is required in a large mobile platform.

Manure unloads and spreads more evenly when the load is packed. Penta platforms use large-profile formed sections, closely spaced, to carry heavy loads and withstand the forces of packing.

The Penta spreader that is strong enough to use as a push-off trailer without worrying about sidewall strength. The frames are designed to support the sides without bulky horizontal members and without relying on the beaters to tie things together.

Poly Boards

Penta's poly boards meet all the requirements for a material that is strong, flexible, resistant to environmental degradation and very slippery.

Our full-length boards and flush-head fasteners make a smooth, obstruction-free surface for easy unloading.

Individual tongue & groove boards make an almost watertight box and, in the event of damage, are easy and inexpensive to replace.

Being plastic (high-density polyethylene), the boards expand and contract with temperature changes. Our frame design and bolting procedure allow the boards to expand and contract freely without undue stress to either boards or frame.

Penta/Hagedorn Vertical Spreader V8610

  • Product Code: V8610
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