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All Auger Torque augers are available with a number of wearpart combinations allowing for usage in everything from soft grounds all the way to mixed rocky terrain.

Auger Torque Augers are built from high grade steel and incorporate many features that will allow you to work more efficiently and will make your job easier. Shallow pitch flights ensure they will cut with maximum efficiency and, most importantly, keep the spoil on the flights when removed from the hole.

With Auger Torque's patented Shock Lock™ Tooth Locking System tooth loss is now a thing of the past. Using the Shock Lock™ pin and rubber in the unique Shock Lock™ tooth holders ensures your Auger teeth are safely locked in place and protected against shock fractures.

Replacing worn teeth is a breeze with this system, simply knock out the old pin with a drift and the tooth will slide out of the holder with ease. 

Key facts-

  • Large range of sizes available from 100mm to 900mm.
  • Suit hobby farmer right through to professional shed builders, you simply select the auger range and motor that best suits the power and flow rate of your machine.
  • Round or square drive, as above, depending on machine size
  • Shocklock pin system prevents tooth loss
  • Robust and easy to operate


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