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The Auger Torque Log Splitter – Process and Recycle Logs with Ease.

Suitable for excavators from 1T – 5T and skid steer loaders, Auger Torque’s compact and robust log splitter makes light work of processing those fallen trees into manageable pieces, quickly and efficiently. As the log Splitter rotates, the self-guiding threaded body engages with the timber and draws the splitter into the log. The conical shape quickly works its way through the log, splitting the log in two. For larger logs, the Splitter can be repositioned to continue the split along the whole length of the log. The Auger Torque log splitter is a quick and easy additional attachment to your existing earth drill.


  • Suitable for Excavators from 1 – 5 Tonnes and Skid Steer Loaders
  • Easily fit to your existing earth drill
  • Process and recycle logs with ease
  • Robust single piece conical design
  • 180mm diameter, 300mm length
  • 14.6kg


Suitable for Excavators from 1T – 5T and Skid Steer Loaders
Earth Drill Range X2000 - 8000MAX
Diameter 80mm (7 inch)
Length 300mm (12 inch)
Length 65mm Round (2.56 inch)
Hub adaptors available
Unit Weight 14.6 kg (32 lbs)


Log Splitter LS180

  • Product Code: Log Splitter LS180
  • Availability: In Stock

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