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The I75 Multi Shear is the latest innovation from Tanco in agricultural implements. It is a universal tool for handling pit and baled silage. This works as a shear grab/block cutter and a bale shear. Powered by two high capacity hydraulic rams, the front and side blades cut the silage block leaving a clean, sealed face to prevent secondary fermentation.

Bales can also be easily split while plastic and netting are retained. Cranked tines as standard. There are No operational
changes from pit to baled silage. The revolutionary I75 is ideal for farmers who need a complete feeding solution.

  • Splits round bales from 1.2m to 1.5m while retaining plastic and net
  • Feed directly on feed passage, feed trailers, ring feeders & diet feeders
  • For pit silage and bales of silage, hay & straw
  • One standard hydraulic coupling


Tanco i75 Multi-Shear

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