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Bison 3PL Rear Grader Blades

Bison manufactures economically priced, heavy duty material handling implements.
Built for tough use, Bison rear grader blades are available for Cat I through III tractors and have manual or hydraulic offset and tilt adjustment. A wide range of sizes are available.
Rear Blade Models:
Model Avail. Cutting
Tractor HP
NVH 6′ – 10′ 45 – 80 HP CAT I, II
NVH-XHD 8′ – 10′ 120 HP CAT II
NVHL-XHD 8′ – 10′ 150 CAT II, III
Model NVH
Regular Duty Grader Blade
Regular Duty Bison rear blades are ideal for light leveling, landscaping, and road maintenance, as well as snow removal and feed lot cleanup. Whether it’s a hobby blade for a 20 HP tractor or a heavy duty model with angle, tilt, and offset, you will find a Bison rear blade to match your tractor and your job.
Rear Blade Models:
Model Width Max HP Hitch Weight
NVH-180-LT 6′ 45 CAT I 166kg
NVH-180-T 6′ 45 CAT I 175kg
NVH-210-T 7′ 45 CAT I 185kg
NVH-210 7′ 65 CAT II 307kg
NVH-240 8′ 80 CAT II 321kg
NVH-270 9′ 90 CAT II 362kg
NVH-180-T parts breakdown (68K PDF)
NVH-210 parts breakdown (68K PDF)
Heavy Duty Scraper Blade[Picture of Bison Rear Blade]
Bison Extra Heavy Duty blades are exceptional for a wide range of material handling chores… from landscaping to heavy dam building jobs.An important factor in the performance of the Bison blades is the precision-formed moldboard with the exact curvature needed for maximum penetration. This precision allows Bison blades to cut and roll the soil rather than dragging, which saves time horsepower and fuel. The moldboard can be rotated 360 degrees with forward and reverse working positions.
Grader Blade Models:
Model Width Max HP Hitch Weight
NVH-240-XHD 8′ 120 CAT II 420kg
NVHL-270-XHD 9′ 120 CAT II 462kg
NVH-300-XHD 10′ 120 CAT II 485kg
Extra Heavy Duty Scraper Blade[Picture of Bison Rear Blade]
The NVHL is Bison’s newest heavy weight blade. Available in 8, 9 or 10 ft. cutting width, the NVHL has all the features of the other Bison blades with a higher horsepower rating. It may be used with either Cat. II or Cat. III hitch tractors. Requires two 4 x 16″ hydraulic cylinders and one 3-1/2 x 8″ cylinder with a stop at 4-1/2″. The NVHL features a 4″ King pin and heavily reinforced moldboard for extra strength.
NVHL-XHD Grader Blade Models:
Model Width Max HP Hitch Weight
NVHL-240-XHD 8′ 150 CAT II & III 657kg
NVHL-270-XHD 9′ 150 CAT II & III 675kg
NVHL-300-XHD 10′ 150 CAT II & III 693kg

Bison Grader Blades

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