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The FlexiFeeder

This trough feed system designed to minimise loss of feed in a ‘safe zone’ between two Outrigger wires.

The benefits of the Flexifeeder are huge compared to other troughs. As well as being more cost effective in terms of saving feed, it is movable and is the perfect flexible feeding system.

The Flexifeeder gives all animals unrestricted access to the feed while maintaining protection of the feed. The position of the wires prevents the stock from trampling the feed. The Flexifeeder also helps eliminate shy feeders, because its low price per metre allows the trough length to be oversized for the mob being fed. This provides plenty of room for young or less dominant animals.

Quick and easy to set up, easy to clean and portable, the Flexifeeder is a strong, durable and cost effective way to feed your stock.

The benefits here are huge. Feed loss is minimised, light to transport and there will be plenty of room for all your stock because of the Flexifeeder’s low price per metre.

The Flexifeeder is very simple to assemble and easy to clean if needed so wasting time is a thing of the past.

Made from durable plastic and quality components used in conjunction with The Outrigger, the Flexifeeder also promises to withstand all weather conditions and pressure from stock. Easy to set up and easy to move, you will not find another product like the Flexifeeder on the market.

The Flexifeeder is flexible for animals, machinery and feeding sites. Great at the cow shed, run off or use the same trough for both. The flexible design of the trough means animals are unlikely to be caught in the trough. No deaths, no damage. As well as this the Flexifeeder gives unrestricted access to all animals.


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